Levels of the Competition

Don’t be disheartened if you do not win any titles because there are competitors who have been into this for generations. You can also find a father-son duo sharing their passion or an ex-army officer having taken up this activity. These people put in hours and hours of work to make an ultra-realistic replica.

If you are new to aviation modeling and would want to compete, you will have to put in the work to compete with one of the top players in the world. The competition for aviation modelers has valuable prizes. If you do not have a planned budget, try one of the sponsors of the competition or you can find an online casinos nz.

You will find a mix of army and civilians participating in these events. In the US, it is organized by the U.S. Scale Masters Association (USSMA). The USSMA organizes a lot of state-level competitions followed by national level ones where a grand champion is chosen.

According to USSMA rules and regulations, the competitors can build any scale model that is heavier than air and man carrying aircraft that can be flown. You can choose to compete in the novice class if you are just beginning to get some first-hand experience with this. In the expert class, you will have to build and pilot your own plane and you get to see the best plane replicas in this level. A modeler can be categorized based on the budget, skill set, and interest in building the type of aircraft.

How does the Static Scoring Works?

This kind of scoring is done when the plane is standing or is in a static position. Choose a category and level you want to compete and you should learn about the scoring system to prepare adequately. In the USSMA competition, you will be judged from outline accuracy, coloring and markings, and craftsmanship. You will need to submit documentation with the specifics of your airplane. The judges will compare the airplane drawings, color and markings and pictures with the model which will then be marked accordingly. You can score a maximum of 100 points here.

How does the Flying Scoring Works?

The flying score is taken when you are flying the aircraft. You get to make 5 flights and only the 3 best flights are counted. An average is taken out and you are given a score out of a hundred. So, the maximum points including the static score and flight score come to 200. Your flying score is judged upon takeoff, landing, fly past, figure-8, and flight realism.

Preparing for the Competition

It takes hundreds of hours to build a new model. From details to finishing everything, it requires labor, skill, and time. For best results, build your aircraft slowly and pay close attention to detail. Perfection is not possible with limited time in hand but do try to improve with every possibility.